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BlephEx – Cure my dry eyes!

Just like gingivitis can be cured with regular oral hygiene, blepharitis (the primary cause of dry eye) can be cured with regular lid hygiene. The similarity between these different parts of the body is that both areas grow normal flora bacteria (they are supposed to be there) that produce biofilms (plaque on the teeth is a biofilm). The biofilm is a tightly adherent sticky layer that acts as a fortress, within which the bacteria live and survive.

When we brush are teeth on a daily basis, we disrupt the biofilm so it cannot become thickened. Visiting our dentist every 6 months, disrupts the biofilm where teeth brushing misses. This prevents the chronic inflammatory damage associated with a thickened biofilm.

The biofilm that accumulates on the lid margin, however, cannot be disrupted on a daily basis. While eye professionals have recommended home lid scrubs to patients for decades, these attempts have proven to be virtually useless in disrupting the biofilm. No home scrub therapy can remove the biofilm which is stuck on the lid like super glue. Therefore, it is imperative that patients have their lids professionally cleaned with a microblepharoexfoliation procedure every 4-6 months. This prevents the biofilm from becoming thickened, and essentially cures the dry eye disease. Regular treatments should prevent it from coming back.