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Common Vision Problems that Kids Face

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When kids sit in a classroom and can’t see their desk or computer or board clearly, it can be hard to learn. Teachers and parents often mistake the child’s problems with learning to read or write or even to sit still, as either a behavioural problem or a cognitive disability. In reality, a vision problem could be at the root of these challenges. Your St. Albert optometrist near me explains.

What are some typical signs that a kid is dealing with a vision problem?

  • Confusion:  When children are never quite sure what’s happening in the classroom, it’s a red warning light that often means they can’t see the cues. For example, they can’t read the teacher’s facial expressions or hand motions, so the classroom becomes very confusing. In response, these kids will often get frustrated, lose concentration and act confused – such as by speaking out of turn and always responding, “I didn’t know that was what I was supposed to do!”
  • Clumsiness:  Some kids are constantly knocking things over or stumbling through the room. If a child does this regularly, it’s a good idea to book an eye exam at an eye care centre near me.
  • Falling behind in school:  As vision problems remain undetected year after year, a child’s grades and behaviour will generally worsen. Clear signs of a problem are a kid’s need to constantly mark the place with a finger or pencil while reading, or always coming very close in order to read charts and screens.
  • Poor concentration skills:  Children who can’t see also can’t hold their attention. Think about it, if you can’t see the board – how can you concentrate on what the words are saying?
  • Frequent headaches:  Many young students with untreated vision problems will complain of headaches and need to visit the school nurse. A telling sign is if they often rest their head on a table or floor throughout the day.
  • Burying their nose in a book:  While many parents are proud to see their little ones so absorbed in reading, kids who always hold books up to their face when reading may actually be doing that in order to see – and not because they’re deeply immersed in the story. Bringing objects closer may be the child’s way of telling you they can’t see them any other way.
  • Poor sports performance:  Vision problems can compromise performance both in the classroom and on the sports field. Hand-eye coordination, which is essential for playing sports, depends on a properly functioning visual system. It can even be dangerous for some children with vision loss to play sports, because they are at a higher risk of injury.
  • Socialising suffers:  To make friends, kids need to read the facial expressions and body language of the other kids – using vision is a large part of developing social skills. When children seem to be loners and have trouble making friends, it could be caused by an undetected vision condition.

To help your child or student cope well with all the challenges posed by school and growing up, make sure their vision is strong! Book an eye exam near me. Our friendly optometrist welcomes patients of all ages at our St. Albert, Alberta, eye care centre.

At Eye Health Centre, we put your family's needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 780-419-7000 or book an appointment online to see one of our St. Albert eye doctors.

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