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My whole family had great experiences


Our optometrist moved away and this office came highly recommended. My whole family went for yearly eye exams and we all had great experiences. Thank you to Eye Health Centre!

- Misty K, 2020



We are so grateful for this experience.  Since attending Vision Therapy, I**’s confidence and her abilities in reading and overall in school have vastly improved.  She is happy and confident again with herself and her skills.  Thanks to the entire VT team.

- B.S



I can read an entire graphic novel when I would not even touch a book before. I find writing easier as my hand is more steady. I am able to use motion control on video games now. I discovered I really like badminton; my eye-hand coordination is better when playing sports. The best success is how much easier reading is now for me. I really enjoyed Vision Therapy.

- S.E.



I came to Vision Therapy with he goal of reducing my headaches. It has helped me with that and so much more. I am now in control of my eyes and how they work together. I am able to use screens for much longer without feeling fatigued. I am able to drive much longer distances with less eye and brain fatigue. While the symptoms have improved, the processes going on behind the scenes have improved so much more!

- C.P