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Am I Too Young For Reading Glasses?

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Only in your 40’s and need reading glasses? You’re not alone! Nearly 3 million Americans in their 40’s start to notice changes in their vision, caused by an age-related eye condition called presbyopia.

As we get older, our eyes naturally start to change. The lens inside our eye becomes more rigid, resulting in presbyopia — age-related farsightedness — which causes close-up things to appear out of focus.

People with presbyopia will notice that it’s more difficult to read a book or the text on their phone. They may begin to hold these objects at arm’s length in order to be able to read. If this sounds familiar to you, chances are you are living with presbyopia.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself when considering if you need to be wearing reading glasses.

My eyes get easily tired. Do I need reading glasses?

While reading a book or from a screen your eyes may feel more tired than usual. With presbyopia, your eyes work extra hard while focusing on close-up objects. This is why your eyes feel strained or sleepy during long periods of reading. Wearing reading glasses can help you see more clearly, allowing your eyes to focus and not work so hard.

I see halos around lights. Do I need reading glasses?

As your eyes age, your ability to focus light onto your retina can become scattered, causing blurred focus or fuzzy vision. This fuzzy vision causes a halo effect, especially when looking at lightbulbs or headlights.

If the problem is presbyopia, reading glasses may help correct this issue. However, seeing halos can be a sign of a more serious eye condition, such as cataracts, so contact your eye doctor if you experience this problem.

It is difficult to see after dark. Do I need reading glasses?

Another sign of presbyopia is the gradual decrease in our ability to see at night and in dimly lit venues like restaurants. Reading glasses will make it much easier to read menus, and make it more enjoyable to go out.

At Eye Health Centre in St. Albert we can help you find the right pair of reading glasses so that your eyes can relax and focus. Contact us today to book an appointment.