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Vision Therapy: Enhancing Visual Function and Performance in St. Albert

At Eye Health Centre, we understand that vision plays a vital role in daily life, affecting how we see, learn, perform, and excel in various aspects of life. We offer vision therapy, a doctor-supervised program to enhance the visual system's function.

What is Vision Therapy?

Our vision therapy program addresses various visual issues, whether developmental, academic, acquired, or sports-related. Under the guidance of Eye Health Centre eye doctors, vision therapy aims to improve visual skills and capabilities, providing solutions to various visual challenges you or your child may experience.

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Enhancing Vision
Related Learning

It might surprise you that a significant number of individuals grappling with reading difficulties may lack crucial visual skills. Vision therapy serves as a potent game-changer for those contending with reading, writing, and classroom performance challenges. Vision therapy lays the foundation for more effective and efficient learning experiences by fortifying these essential visual skills.

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Elevating Sports
Vision Training

Achieving success in sports is intrinsically linked to the strength of your visual abilities. Whether it's the precision of hand-eye coordination, the breadth of peripheral vision, or the mastery of visualization, sports performance hinges on visual skills. Sports vision training propels athletes to the next level of their game. This specialized sports vision training plan turbocharges dynamic depth perception, fine-tunes eye-hand coordination, and amplifies visualization capabilities. The result? A substantial enhancement in sports performance that can be genuinely transformative.

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Visual compromise can be a troubling outcome after nervous system trauma, leading to symptoms such as persistent headaches, blurred vision, increased sensitivity to light, and more. Vision therapy offers a highly effective method for tackling these visual difficulties, significantly improving overall visual comfort and clarity.

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Unlocking Your Child's Potential with Vision Therapy

At Eye Health Centre in St. Albert, we take a holistic approach to vision care. Beyond the standard eye exam, our functional vision exam evaluates the developmental maturity, strength, and stamina of the visual system. This comprehensive assessment helps us identify any areas of vulnerability that could hinder reading, learning, and overall visual performance.

Once identified, we tailor a personalized vision therapy plan for your child. This plan includes individualized eye exercises designed to improve visual functions and retrain the brain to interpret visual input more accurately. We aim to boost your child's confidence, academic performance, and sports achievements through enhanced visual function.

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Discover the Benefits of Vision Therapy in St. Albert

Vision therapy is a non-surgical treatment program often likened to physical therapy for the eyes and brain. It employs a combination of exercises, specialized lenses, instruments, and occlusions to enhance visual function.The best part? All vision therapy programs are customized to address individual needs, leading to lasting improvements in a relatively short period.

Consider vision therapy if you're seeking ways to improve your child's confidence, academic success, and sports performance. Contact us today to learn more about how vision therapy can empower your child to excel in school and on the field. Let us help your child reach their full potential through improved vision and enhanced visual skills.