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How To Prevent Your Lenses From Scratching

If you wear glasses, then you know what a nuisance a scratched lens can be. Scratched or chipped lenses can interfere with your vision, making glasses uncomfortable to wear. Here’s what we recommend to keep your lenses scratch-free.

How to Avoid Scratching Your Lenses

Use a Protective Case

Using a sturdy eyeglass case will prolong the life of your lenses. No matter what kind of glasses you wear — standard, sunglasses, bifocal — you’ll want to protect them.

Be sure to choose a hard case with a soft inner lining and always have one on hand, either in your purse, backpack, or car.

When placing the glasses in their case, make sure the lenses are facing downwards, as this can reduce the risk of them being scratched. Additionally, avoid putting anything else in the case along with the glasses, especially sharp or metal objects.

Choose Anti-Scratch Lenses

Although no lenses are completely scratch-proof, there are certain coatings that can be added to the front and back of your lenses to make them more scratch resistant. Many lenses already come with this option, but sometimes it’s an optional addition. Anti-scratch coatings are particularly helpful for children’s glasses.

Remove Your Glasses Carefully

Handle your glasses by the temples (arms) and not the rims. This way, your fingers avoid the frame and lens area altogether, reducing the chance of inadvertently scratching them. Additionally, holding them by the temples with both hands ensures a better grip, so you’ll be less likely to drop them.

Set Them Down Properly

Never put glasses down with the lenses facing downward, unless it’s into a lens case. If you need to put them down and don’t have a case, rest them with the temples open and upside down — glasses tend to be more stable in this position.

Avoid placing them in a place where they’ll be easily knocked over or splashed on, like near a sink. Setting them down in the same place consistently will also reduce your risk of losing them.

Use the Right Lens Cleaner

It’s all too common for people to wipe their glasses with their clothing or other abrasive material. Doing so can scratch the lenses, especially if they’re dry.

Always clean your lenses with a soft microfiber cloth and specialized lens cleaning solution, items your optometrist’s office can provide.

When to Visit Your Optometrist

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely prevent your lenses from ever becoming scratched over their lifetime. Once they are scratched, there is little that can be done to repair the lenses. Most of the time the lenses need to be replaced.

At Eye Health Centre, we offer a wide array of frames and lenses, so you’re sure to find a pair to suit your eyes and needs.

Call Eye Health Centre in to schedule your eye exam or with any further questions.

At Eye Health Centre, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 780-419-7000 or book an appointment online to see one of our St. Albert eye doctors.

Frequently Asked Questions with Dr. Samuel Boucher

Q: Can you request lenses made from glass? Is glass still used for lenses?

  • A: Yes. Opticians still sometimes use glass for lenses. However, glass is not used very often because they aren’t as safe. If these glass lenses breaks, they can shatters into many pieces and can injure the eye. Glass lenses are much heavier than plastic lenses, so they can make your eyeglasses less comfortable to wear.

Q: Can a coating be added to eyeglasses to protect them from further scratches?

  • A: A protective coating can’t be added to a lens after it’s scratched. The coating is applied when the lens is manufactured and can’t be put on later.

Quality Frames For Prescription Eyeglasses & Computer Glasses In St. Albert, Alberta. Visit Eye Health Centre for an eye exam and eyeglasses that match your style.

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7 Tips and Tricks for People Who Wear Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses lenses that keep fogging up. Fumbling to find your frames in the dark … If you wear glasses, you’re probably familiar with these and other common predicaments. To improve your relationship with your eyeglasses and help you cope with many more eyewear challenges, our optical staff in St. Albert offers the following tips:

1. De-fog your eyeglasses

Fogged-up lenses have always been a problem in different weather conditions or when exercising, and wearing masks has only worsened this nuisance. To clear your eyeglasses, we recommend anti-fog wipes or sprays, available at St. Albert eye care centres. Another strategy is to apply a drop of dish soap to a soft microfiber cloth and gently rub the soap over both sides of your lenses. Give your eyeglasses about out 15 minutes to dry, and then wipe lenses again with the soft cloth. The soap residue acts as an invisible shield against fog.

2. Find your glasses in the dark

There’s a really simple solution for this – apply a thin strip of glow-in-the-dark tape or paint to your glasses case. Of course, for this trick to work you need to be vigilant about storing your eyeglasses in the highlighted case before going to sleep.

3. Preserve the fit of your frames

After you wear your eyeglasses for a while, you’ll likely notice that they start to slip around more often. To prevent your frames from “stretching,” visit our St. Albert optical store for regular tune-ups. Plastic can change shape over time and screws can loosen.

4. Avoid scratched lenses

To store your glasses correctly, always place your glasses down with the lenses facing up. This simple move will prevent abrasions and scuff marks. Additionally, don’t leave your frames in a very hot or cold place, such as on the car dashboard. Extreme temperatures can expand or shrink lens coatings, leading to small scratches.

5. Put the brakes on slipping eyeglasses

If your frames constantly slip down your nose, an easy hack involves wrapping thin elastic hair ties around the temples. Push the bands back so they stay hidden behind your ears, where they’ll help keep your glasses in place. Remember, this is just a temporary solution to use until you can get to our St. Albert eye care centre, so our optical staff can tweak your frames to make them fit right again.

6. Replace a missing screw temporarily

Usually, you won’t notice exactly when the screw fell out – but you’ll know once it’s missing because your glasses will fall apart. If you don’t have an eyeglasses repair kit handy, use a toothpick as a short-term fix. Stick the toothpick into the hole, push it down and carefully break off the top so you can’t see the toothpick. It should hold fast until you can replace the screw.

7. Finding lost glasses when you can’t see

If you take your eyeglasses off and forget where you put them down, finding them can be tricky without clear vision. This is a timeworn problem that has an innovative, contemporary solution: use your smartphone camera to do a detailed search of the room!

At Eye Health Centre, we put your family’s needs first. Talk to us about how we can help you maintain healthy vision. Call us today: 780-419-7000 or book an appointment online to see one of our St. Albert eye doctors.

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