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Vision Therapist

Hi everyone! I’m Monica, I joined EHC in January 2020. You may see me at the front desk, pre testing patients or doing Vision Therapy.

I grew up on a cattle farm west of Legal. I am still a small town girl living in the city. I love to spend time with my husband and 2 teenagers making new memories! When I am not working you can find me gardening, baking, walking the trails or having coffee with friends.

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We Asked Monica Some Questions...

Q & A

Q. What’s your favorite season and why?
A. Love everything about fall! Colors, smells, crisp air, dew in the mornings and the warmth of the sun. Especially the harvest from the garden!

Q. How do you take your coffee?
A. Black.

Q. What would constitute a “perfect” day for you?
A. Wake up to a cup of coffee waiting on the counter poured by my hubby at just the right drinkable temp,lol. Grab my dog and enjoy the start of the day sitting on the couch! If it were summer I would head off to the garden and putz around. If it were winter, I would be baking or creating something in the kitchen. Definitely would have to go for an afternoon pedicure and possibly a swim. Enjoy another coffee with chocolate this time! I would have a great home cooked meal for the family to enjoy with dessert, of course. Followed by a family game night then popcorn and a movie!

This or That?

Swimming / Sunbathing

Big Party / Small Gathering

Pancake / Waffle

Dine In / Delivery

Early Bird / Night Owl

Card Game / Board Game

Tea / Coffee

Ocean / Mountains

Winter / Summer

Cat / Dog