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Brain Injury

Vision Therapy For Brain Injury: Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitative Therapy At Eye Health Centre

Contrary to what you might think, it is the brain, and not the eyes, that is the key to seeing well. Your vision is really the sum total of how your brain receives visual information and then interprets and processes that information to permit you to see. The accuracy of that process depends on a healthy brain correctly going about this processing.

There are many potential causes of brain injuries that can result in vision problems.

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Types Of Vision Problems Resulting From A Brain Injury

This includes:

      • Diplopia (double-vision)
      • Tracking issues
      • Maintaining physical eye focus
      • Difficulty staying mentally focused
      • Strabismus (eye turns)
      • Binocular Vision Dysfunctions (the ability to coordinate the two eyes to work together)
      • Abnormal posture
      • Head tilts or turns
      • Bumping into objects
      • Closing or covering one eye
      • Balance and coordination problems
      • Reduced ability to sustain attention on visual tasks
      • Poor depth perception
      • Confusion related to visual tasks
      • Difficulty reading localized objects
      • Reduced visual acuity at far (perceptual accuracy at a distance)
      • Reduced visual acuity at near (perceptual accuracy up close for reading and other tasks)
      • Accommodative Disorders (problems with focusing the eyes)
      • Difficulties in visual perception (are objects where I think they are?)
      • Visual Field loss (loss of vision in one or more areas)
      • Deficits in visual motor (eye movement problems)
      • Ocular Motility Disorders Integration (problems coordinating our eyes with our bodies )
      • Problems with accurate visual information processing

Problems such as these can drastically affect day to day functioning even at the most basic levels. It’s only once such vision problems are addressed that the victim of a brain injury can get the most out of other treatments such as physical, occupational, and cognitive therapies.


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